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Hightower Elementary

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Your child has just begun an important milestone as a kindergarten student. The DeKalb County Kindergarten Program emphasizes the importance of each individual child. It is based on the belief that the best preparation for later grades is a solid foundation, one which assures every child the essential steps in the developmental process in all areas of growth (i.e. social, emotional, physical, intellectual).

Not only will your kindergartener learn basic readiness skills, but he/she is forming lifelong attitudes towards school and learning. As teachers we try to instill in our students a love and a desire to learn. We believe that a child can be most productive in school when expectations are clearly understood. This understanding comes as a result of the partnership between the school and the home. An open, on-going communication is important for this partnership to be effective, and for the child to gain the maximum benefit from their education. We’ll be in contact with you throughout the year regarding your child’s progress, and ask that you do the same.

Mrs. Bogle

Ms. Cook

Mrs. Ivey

Mrs. Abney